Patients:Patient Contact Center


What is the Patient Contact Center?

The Patient Focused Solutions (PFS) Patient Contact Center (PCC) is a 24/7 operational hub (center), staffed by carefully selected "Patient Advisors'. All our "Patient Advisors" are medically qualified individuals who have received comprehensive training in understanding and being responsive to a wide range of patient enquiries. The PCC also acts as the central repository for all incoming data from Remote Patient Monitoring devices and for the subsequent data analysis and reporting of all such data.

How can the Patient Contact Center help me as a patient?

Patient Contact Center & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

If you are a patient using an RPM then the Patient Contact Center (PCC) is the central point that receives all the digital data being transmitted from your RPM device. At the PCC all the incoming data is being monitored in real-time and special alerts are set-up by your healthcare provider and the PCC so that when any data from your RPM device falls outside a predefined range this allows the opportunity for your healthcare provider to make a timely intervention if necessary. In essence, your healthcare provider has access to all your RPM data through a specially designed 'dashboard' which allows the healthcare provider real-time and continuous oversight of the medical condition being monitored. Such comprehensive monitoring of data via the PCC provides you as a patient with a strong connection to your treating clinician and in additional should provide you, your caregiver and your family with a greater sense of comfort and security.

Patient Contact Center & Clinical Trials

The Patient Contact Center also provides an opportunity for existing RPM patients as well as members of the public to enquire about voluntary participation in clinical trials. All our "Patient Advisors" have an in-depth knowledge about the conduct of clinical trials and have been trained to respond to such enquiries, mindful of the need to provide impartial information that helps to protect you as a potential clinical trial patient. Clinical trials offer the opportunity for patients to take part in the identification of potential new products. This provides patients with the opportunity to receive the latest advancements in medical science which can support the development of new treatments that may not only be beneficial to yourself as a patient but also for others with the same or similar diseases.