Patients: Clinical Trials Draft

Each year, millions of people help advance medical science by volunteering to take part in clinical trials. While there are many reasons for participating, all who volunteer contribute valuable information to help researchers find better treatments that may improve lives.

Before a potential new medicine can be used to help treat patients, it must go through a series of carefully designed and regulated studies in people. Volunteers like you who take part in clinical trials make valuable contributions to advancing the understanding of diseases and the discovery of new or improved treatments.


of people who have participated in a clinical trial say they would participate in another one. ¹


of clinical trial participants rated the medical care that they received during their participation as better than what they would have otherwise gotten. ²

Clinical trial participation can:

  • Help the patient receive the latest medical science to treat their illness which is not available to the general public

  • Help contribute to future medical advancement

  • Support the creation of new treatments and improve old ones

  • Help improve lives of others with the same or similar disease

  • Help you stay on top of the latest research about your condition

  • Provide you with closer medical supervision and monitoring

  • Improve your connectivity with a physician and support staff

Help improve lives of others

Medical supervision for your condition

Contribute to future treatments

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