our team

The mission of Patient Focused Solutions, Inc. is to support rural and community hospitals and their patients with opportunities previously not recognized. Our primary function is to support hospitals and their patients by providing revenue opportunities to the hospitals and treatment opportunities for their patients not previously available.

James Mash

CEO & Founder

James Mash founded Patient Focused Solutions, Inc. in 2017. Mr. Mash has demonstrated success in setting up clinical research centers in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia and has provided sponsors with 80% rate of patients prescreened entering into trials and being retained. Mr. Mash has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 3 decades.​

Jill Heinz

President and Chief Operations Officer

Jill has worked in the research industry for over 20 years and has been involved with clinical research studies ranging from those funded by the National Cancer Institute, Investigator Initiated, and Private Industry. She has experience in studies that include oncology, family practice, orthopedics, pain management, glaucoma, and now COVID-19. She owns two successful clinical research companies, is the Chief Operations Officer for Patient Focus Solutions, and is a consultant for other clinical sites that want to enhance the efficiency of their clinical operations.​

Endria McCalla

Director of Administration

Endria McCalla is a Director of Administration with over 25 years in sales and business administration. She began her career in sales at the age of twelve as she raised money for a local church with which she was affiliated. She has gone on to win several awards and commendations for her excellence. She then went into the financial services industry where she also excelled in relationship management, sales, coaching and lending earning her a place in the Chaiman’s Club at a leading banking institution. She lends her talents to helping clients advance their goals to achieve their desired goals for success.

Barbara Cobuzzi

Chief Compliance Officer

Barbara Cobuzzi is an Industrial Engineer and MBA by education and an experienced coder and biller, she provides a great deal of knowledge, not only about billing and compliantly optimizing income, but how to put processes in place to create the desired results over and over again. She brings her education and knowledge of this field together to her clients and provides what most in this field are devoid. We need systems, processes and procedures so that we can get the same results over and over again, not only for compliance, but for efficiency and optimized reimbursement. Her understanding of the coding rules along with this background makes her a unique individual in this field.​

David Fairweather, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. David Fairweather, MD, provides surgical treatments at Clear Lake City Healthcare Professionals in Webster, Bay Area and Greater Houston, Texas. He received his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine. As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Fairweather provides treatment to address a variety of health concerns throughout Texas.​