Institutions:Remote Patient Monitoring


For rural and community hospitals, RPM opens the door to a bright new world of exciting opportunities.

Patient Care

The adoption of RPM devices to help manage your patients will truly help to revolutionize your patient care program. Utilizing RPM devices now affords you with the opportunity to provide continuous patient care, rather than the traditional 'snap-shot' status of your patients on their infrequent visits to your clinic. The dashboard reports that are provided from the Patient Contact Center provide you with a comprehensive 24/7 overview of your patients progress. At the same time, "RPM Alerts" allow to you intervene in the treatment of your patients ensuring a rapid response to any fast changing medical circumstance that your patient(s) may experience.


Embracing the latest RPM technology will also help to reduce your institutional operational costs as well as providing an alternative revenue source. The current RPM devices offered by Patient Focused Solutions are fully reimbursable through Medicaid and Medicare as well as many private insurance companies.