Institutions:Patient Contact Center


The Contact Center is staffed with medically trained personnel operating 24/7. The center provides two services.

One, the Contact Center is the support for hospitals conducting clinical trials by providing remote personnel to answer questions that may arise from the hospital staff. This includes questions about the study protocol, study operations, required procedures, and methods to handle adverse advents.

Second, the Contact Center provides your institution with vital support for those patients in your Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program as well as being a source for potential clinical trial patients.

Data from all patients being remotely monitored are received electronically at the Patient Contact Center and provides physicians at your institution with a 24/7 accessible dashboard from which they can interpret the status of each of their patients. Special alerts can be set-up when patient data from the RPM device falls outside predefined ranges and thus allows you the opportunity for early intervention to address any specific emerging patient medical condition that requires urgent attention.